“Age of the Farmer” by Spencer MacDonald

Age of the Farmer from Spencer MacDonald on Vimeo.

“65 is the average age of farmers, and there are not enough young farmers to replace them. How did we get here?”

– From the Description on Vimeo


“Trail Angel” by REI

Trail Angel from REI on Vimeo.

“Many people look to the outdoors to find peace of mind. For Paul Stiffler, better known as Ponytail Paul, the Appalachian Trail and its thru-hikers have been the therapeutic force needed to turn his life around. Paul has taken on a role as “Trail Angel” to help thru-hikers on their 2,186-mile journey and help himself find a new sense of purpose in the process.”

– From Vimeo Description

“Facing Climate Change: Oyster Farmers” by Benjamin Drummond and Sara Steele

Facing Climate Change: Oyster Farmers from Benjamin Drummond + Sara Steele on Vimeo.

“Over the past 250 years, the world’s oceans have absorbed about 25 percent of the carbon dioxide that humans have put into the air by burning fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide lowers the pH of oceans, turning waters more acidic. The Northwest is home to some of the most corrosive waters on earth… Under rising emissions scenarios, ocean acidity may increase 100 to 150 percent by the end of the century. In response, farmers are using new technologies to monitor the acidity levels of hatchery waters. Young scientists are devoting their careers to understanding risk and resilience.”

– From Desciption on Vimeo

“Decisions with John Wayne – Ducks Unlimited 1973” by Ducks Unlimited Canada

“I’d just like to talk to you about life in general and what’s happening to that life on this shrinking planet with dwindling resources because, no matter what the nature of the force that created this earth and its inhabitants is, it deserves our deep and abiding respect.” – John Wayne

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“Reexamining the Forest” by Mark Wyatt

Reexamining the Forest from Mark Wyatt on Vimeo.

“The red cedar tree was, to our people, the tree of life…Everything was made out of the red cedar.” Joe Martin, Tla-oqui-aht First Nation

“Forests sustain many communities around BC [British Columbia]. In fact, some regions are entirely dependent upon forestry. But cutting a forest down comes as a trade off. When you cut a forest down, multiple other ecosystem services are negatively affected.” – Ira Sutherland on the study of Ecosystem Services in Pacific Rim National Forest

“Mule Deer Migration” by Joe Riis Photography

Mule Deer Migration from Joe Riis Photography on Vimeo.

“It’s 2013 and, for large mammals around North America (esepecially the lower 48), we typically think we kind of know what’s going on and here we have hundreds of animals migrating 150 miles across public and private lands, right underneath our noses, and we didn’t even know about it.” – Hall Sawyer, Research Biologist

“The Need to Move (Wolverine Foundation)” by Conservation Media

The Need to Move (Wolverine Foundation) from Conservation Media™ on Vimeo.

“It’s a fearless animal and it’s a tenacious animal.” – Jeff Copeland, Wolverine Researcher

“Produced by Conservation Media for The Wolverine Foundation, this short film explores one of the most fascinating and least understood animals on the planet. This small, rare, and elusive creature may be able to kill a moose or fend a grizzly off a kill, but it faces serious threats such as climate change for which it is no match.” – Description on Vimeo